CZ 457



Product Description

Built to be an ideal first gun for young shooters the Scout has a short 12 length of pull. With simple leaf rear sight and blade front (rear adjustable for windage front for elevation) learning the basics of sight picture has never been easier. 11mm dovetails on the receiver make adding a scope a breeze. Own a suppressor? 457 Scouts have a muzzle that’s threaded 1/2×28 allowing for hearing-safe shooting without the need for muffs or plugs. Adding a larger stock is easier than ever once kids outgrow the short length of pull as all 457s use the same stock inletting (with two barrel channels specific to standard and varmint-weight barrels). The entire 457 platform is modular meaning swapping different barrels/chamberings or stocks is done quickly and easily with only a few tools. FEATURES: Black finish; Beechwood, American-style stock; Adjustable trigger mechanisim; Two-position, push-to-fire safety FINISH: BLACK

UPC 806703023359
Caliber .22 LR
Capacity 1 ROUND
Weight 7.1 LBS.