CZ M52



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This M52 features one 8-round magazine. 1953 production.

General Manufacturer Product Information

The CZ M52 7.62X25MM Tokarev handgun was developed in Czechoslovakia in the early 1950s as a replacement for the aging Soviet TT-33 pistol. It featured a sleek, double-action design with a capacity of 8 rounds. The pistol quickly gained popularity for its reliable performance and accuracy, becoming a favorite among military and law enforcement personnel.

The CZ M52 was known for its powerful 7.62X25mm Tokarev cartridge, which offered superior penetration and stopping power compared to other pistol rounds of the time. Despite being eventually phased out by more modern designs, the CZ M52 remains a popular collector’s item for gun enthusiasts today.

UPC ECOM42912437
Barrel Length 4.5 BARREL
Caliber 7.62X25MM TOKAREV
Capacity 8 ROUNDS
Finish BLACK
Weight 2 LBS.