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This CZ shotgun has a 3″ chamber, a 5-piece extended choke set, the original case, owner’s manual and a shim kit.

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General Manufacturer Product Information

Introducing the CZ Model 1012 12 GA shotgun – a reliable and versatile firearm perfect for hunters and sport shooters alike. This semi-automatic shotgun features a gas-operated system for smooth and consistent shooting performance. The lightweight design makes it easy to handle and maneuver in any shooting situation.

With a 4+1 capacity and interchangeable chokes, the CZ Model 1012 offers versatility for a variety of shooting activities. Whether you’re out in the field hunting game or competing on the range, this shotgun delivers precision and power with every shot. Upgrade your shooting experience with the CZ Model 1012 12 GA shotgun.

UPC ECOM37892474
Barrel Length 28 BARREL
Capacity 4 ROUNDS
Weight 7.2 LBS.