Product Description

CZ USA 75 SP-01 Tactical 4.6″ Barrel Fixed Sights 19 Round Mag
Originally designed in 1975, the CZ75 has seen service in the hands of military, police, and government agencies around the world, and is the second most copied handgun design next to the 1911. The CZ75 SP-01 is equipped with an array of modern, performance enhancing augmentations, and has applications in virtually any field from sport shooting to home defense. Like all handguns in the CZ75 family, the SP-01 offers excellent ergonomics and shooter comfort. This can be attributed to the SP-01�s new grip geometry reminiscent of the CZ P-01�s, which is specifically designed to perfectly fit in the shooter�s hand. The ergonomics are further improved by a tang that extends over the web of hand to provide protection from hammer or slide bite. Together, these features eliminate the �brick-in-the-hand� feeling that plagues high capacity pistols of a similar class, and makes the weapon feel like an extension of the shooter�s arm. To make recoil more manageable and follow-up shots instantaneous, the CZ75 SP-01 utilizes a slightly larger frame, which evenly redistributes the weapon�s mass during firing, as well as a set of rubber grips with checkering in key areas. In addition, the CZ75 SP-01 comes standard with luminescent sights, and an ambidextrous de-cocker.

UPC 806703893532
Barrel Length 4.6 BARREL
Caliber 9MM LUGER (9X19 PARA)
Capacity 19 ROUNDS
Finish BLACK